Northern Rose Inspiration-3

Northern Rose – Feeling inspired by blue and pink

This post brings some exciting news along with it. I have been asked to be a Graham & Brown brand ambassador.  I’ve mentioned their name before. It was Graham & Brown wallpaper that I (*ahem* hired someone to) put up in my master bedroom.  I’ve received an overwhelming response to this paper – and rightly… 

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Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe-4

You should be making your own ice cream

I feel like ice cream makers are in the same family as bread makers: you either use them, or they collect dust in your pantry.  I am the kind of gal who uses both of her “makers”, and I have to say, if you have an ice cream maker and you’re not using it, you… 

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Vintage Necklace with Butterfly Vintaj Pendant-9

Deconstructing Pieces: An Upcycled Necklace

This necklace is one with a previous life.  My sister gave me a giant box of vintage jewelry – from clip-on earrings to bracelets and baubles – for Christmas this year. While some might hold the old box of pre-loved pieces and think, “Is this for playing dress-up?”, for me, this was a goldmine of… 

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Rollin' With The Gnomies - Suburble-10

Rollin’ with my garden gnomies…

While I’ve been agonizing over the growth of my vegetable garden (and occasionally wondering whether my garden beds are popping up weeds or mystery perennials), I could not resist one of my most favourite part of the yard: the tchotchkes.  Garden art, gnomes, fairies, you name it – I love it when little characters are… 

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China Cabinet with Fusion Homestead Blue-2

Homestead Blue on the China Cabinet – Win $150 of Fusion Paint!

I’ve been on a painting kick lately. I’d say it’s become an addiction: once you realize how easy it is to transform something, you want to do paint ALL THE THINGS! Pair this need-to-paint with a great blog hop with some incredibly talented furniture-revampers and a paint giveaway, and this post has a LOT going on…. 

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Black's Garden Journal high res-2-2

From seed to bloom: journalling the garden

For as long as I can remember, my mom has spent heaps of time in her garden. Her greenhouse grew from a plastic-covered wooden structure to a large glass outdoor room. She built flower beds, a large vegetable garden, and planted her little seedlings in pockets of the yard. It’s hard not to want to… 

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Sweetened Condensed Milk Granola Bars-5

Granola Bars with Sweetened Condensed Milk – Oh baby!

When I was photographing these granola bars, I thought to myself, “How on EARTH can you make granola bars look interesting?” I’ve already posted TWO granola bar recipes on the blog before. But each recipe is different.  And this recipe is damn good. It’s one that reminds me so much of Christmastime as a child…. 

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800 - Weathered Tray with Beeswax Reliefing -6

Weathered Tray Tutorial and a BIG Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Today is an exciting day! I am sharing a fun Mother’s Day gift – well, a PART of a gift – and along with a group of very talented bloggers, we are also hosting a great giveaway. We’re giving away a nearly $500 Breville food processor! It’s something you may want to gift to your… 

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Felt Rose Corsage Cuff-9

Felt Rose Corsage Cuff

Every time I pick up a piece of felt, I immediately think back to my very first “sewing class”. I was 8 years old, in second grade, and I joined the sewing club. I excitedly brought home my supply list to my mother. One of the projects was making a heart-shaped pillow from two pieces of… 

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