Delta Toilet -

How to Shop For A Toilet (It’s more than good looks…)

Huge huge thanks to Delta, who provided us with our fancy porcelain thrones. All that aside, all words, thoughts, and potty-talk in this post are my own. As always.  When Mr. Suburble and I first started renovating (back at our old house, almost 8 years ago), we tackled our bathrooms. We went into Home Depot… 

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Five Nuggets of Design Wisdom from Sarah Richardson

This weekend, I got to take in the sights, sounds and textures of IDSWest – the Interior Design Show that happens annually at the Convention Center in downtown Vancouver. I went last year (and wrote about it), but this year I was really pumped: Sarah Richardson was one of the speakers! I spent the day… 

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Mrs. Food face plate  -

Playing With Our Food With Uncommon Goods

My children are notoriously picky eaters. It’s no secret. And when I say this out loud, I laugh at Old Tara. Old Tara read books about baby food. Multiple books, actually. Old Tara said things like, “I’m not going to let my kids get away without trying various foods. I’ll save their meals for them…. 

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Painted Bannister and Railing  -

A Progress Post: Our White Railings with a Dark Handrail

Have you ever had that feeling when you’re over halfway through a project, and while you know that the end is near… it just doesn’t feel like it will EVER be finished? That is what a renovation is when you move into it.  It was one thing to not live in this house. It was… 

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SMARTWALL - tapping in -

The Basement Project: Installing DRIcore SMARTWALL

Yesterday, I talked about our basement renovation – and how DRIcore SMARTWALL is a big part of it.  You guys probably remember the “before” of my basement. It was something.  Something that was the opposite of cozy. Something that screamed, “Store stuff down here and forget it exists! This is not a place for humans!”… 

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Basement SMARTWALL Installation  -

The Basement Project: Using SMARTWALL

Our basement project is coming along. With the distractions of the the projects that wait for us on the main floor, our timeline has stretched a bit longer than we had anticipated. But that’s how renovations go. You can’t get married to your end date. Inevitably, it will slap you in the face and call… 

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Witchy Headband -

Things are getting a bit “witchy” around here…

It’s hard to believe that we’re already talking Hallowe’en.  Or is it?  Little pop-up costume shops are appearing all over town. Lucy has changed her mind at least three times on her costume: “I’m going to be a pirate. No – a ghost. No wait! A teddy bear….” Okay. How am I going to make… 

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Edison Light Bulb - Fixture  -

Lights on the wall that are light in the pocketbook…

You’d think that choosing light fixtures wouldn’t be that hard. With most things-related-to-decor, I can walk into a shop and immediately know: “Yes, I like this.” or, “No, this is hideous. Burn it, please.”   But lighting?  Lighting stumps me.  In the words of my mother, “Tara… NOBODY is looking up. They just want to be… 

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Construction Necklace -

The Reality of Renovating

I made a necklace to commemorate the purchase – and renovation – of our new house. I didn’t include a tutorial for it, but if you love the charms like I do, you can get them from here.   When we bought the house, so many moons ago, we gave ourselves a timeline of a month. … 

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