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Sometimes Parenting Stresses Me Out

The day that I found out I was pregnant with Lucy, I was incredulous. Seriously?!? I hadn’t planned this. This wasn’t on my Spreadsheet of Life Decisions. Lila was only 9 months old and I was going back to work.  My panic did not allow for a cutesy scene from some television commercial – i.e…. 

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Mango Chutney Chicken-5

Mango Chutney Chicken

Last month, I proclaimed my (sort-of) newfound love for chutneys in my curried chili recipe. Chutney has a sweet and rich flavour that can completely change a ho-hum weeknight meal.   This month, I’ve broken out the chutney again for this super-easy recipe. I used a jar of Patak’s Sweet Mango Chutney and some onion soup mix. … 

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Green Curry Thai Chicken Recipe-8

Thai Green Curry Chicken

When we first started dating, Mr. Suburble was afraid of spicy foods.  I would suggest that we try Thai or Indian, and he would show the whites of his eyes. He liked what he knew: steak; potatoes; french fries; broccoli and cheese. But over the years… after realizing the deliciousness of creamy curries and spicy… 

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The Mindy Project - Office Space:Bedroom

The Mindy Project: Love the show, ADORE the apartment

As many of my friends – and Mr. Suburble’s eye rolls – will attest to, I have a teensy little obsession with The Mindy Project. I fell in love with Mindy Kaling when she was Kelly Kapoor on The Office. Then I read her autobiography. And THEN she got her own show, The Mindy Project,… 

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Graham and Brown Jewel Wallpaper-2

Wallpapering the Bedroom: And the Winner is….

I recently posted about our master bedroom project, and I asked your opinions about wallpaper.  I was already leaning a certain way, but the survey of your opinions was overwhelmingly in favour of this choice as well.  The wallpaper that will be going up – this weekend! – in our master bedroom is Jewel in pearl… 

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Cup Pulls in Kitchen-11

The Finishings Make All The Difference: Cup Pulls in the Kitchen

Last summer, I attended the Haven blog conference in Atlanta. I met some really amazing people there – both bloggy and business-y alike – but there were a few who stood out.  I met Derrick Lawless at his booth – D. Lawless Hardware – where he was showcasing some absolutely beautiful cabinet hardware. From chrome… 

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The “Crappy Dinner”: Can I make mine “Moderately Crappy”?

An article titled, “How to host a Crappy Dinner” has appeared in my social media stream and email inbox more than a few times over the past week.  Have you read it? You may have, as it’s been shared over 120,000 times.  Essentially, author Kelley Powell writes about how she and her friend, Laura, have… 

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Camping Birthday Party-1-7

Glamping at Home: A Camping-themed Birthday Party

I love me a good birthday party. I think that ever since I hyper-planned my wedding, I’ve realized that organizing a party is nearly as much fun as actually HAVING it.  And so this year, when Lila ticked off the list of people that she wanted at her birthday party, I decided that the best way… 

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Making a Mess-2

Mess-maker, mess-maker, make me a mess! (And a giveaway!)

There are many – MANY – sayings about how with creativity often comes a mess. Apparently, creative people tend to be slobs. And they thrive in their clutter.  I believe it. My craft room is a testament to “creative chaos”. And not everyone can handle this. I have friends whose shoulders start to creep up… 

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