Samosa Soup in 20 Minutes -2

Samosa Soup

When I was editing the photos for this post, I said to myself, “This is not the flashiest dish I’ve ever made.” Nor is it the most attractive. But I promise you – it is really delicious. I had two bowlfuls at lunch, it was so tasty.  And the inspiration for this dish? Samosas.  Samosas… 

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Green Chili Thai Stir Fry With What's In The Crisper-6

Easy Thai Green Curry Stir Fry – Use Up What’s In The Fridge

I’m writing this on my back patio, listening to the melodic hum of a generator. A generator that is keeping my fridge alive, as well as occasionally charging a cell phone (helloooo hot spot internet!).  We were caught up in a bit of a windstorm yesterday – as in, leaving thousands upon thousands without power… 

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Painted Coffee Table with Fusion Casement-3

Finally, she painted the coffee table!

How many times did I show this room on the blog with the preface of, “But I still have to paint the coffee table!??!” About eleventy million times, right? You guys must have been sick of hearing about it.  I don’t know what made me procrastinate about this job. Perhaps it was because it was… 

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Pillow Central Coral and Blue Pillows-4

Coral and Blue from Pillow Central – and a Giveaway!

  When I set these pillows onto the couch, I wondered if Mr. Suburble was going to say anything about the colour.  I’ve already written about my love for pink and blue…. and while coral isn’t exactly pink… it’s pretty close.   I arranged the new pillows – the coral ikat, the stripe, and the sky… 

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Leather Hair Accessories in Sea Glass - Leather Hide Store-16

Leather Hair Accessories: Sea Glass Flowers and Bow Barrettes

We’ve been at it again. I swear, every time I say, “Girls, do you want to craft this afternoon?” Lila will immediately ask, “Can we use the Sizzix?” Like many afternoons,  I agreed. But this time, instead of paper or fabric, I hauled out a big roll of leather along with the Sizzix Big Shot…. 

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Marrakesh Rug in the Living Room -1-4

Rug-Love: The Marrakesh Shag

Once upon a living room, I desperately needed a rug.  I looked at the big blank space that was sitting in front of the fireplace and thought, “This CANNOT stay this way.” I love love love my floors, but I just didn’t get that homey, come-sit-down-and-have-a-cup-of-tea-with-me feeling. Also. I could see all of the crumbs… 

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Pencil Bouquet - Back to School - Teacher's Gift-13

A Flower-Pencil Arrangement for Back to School

Summer is wonderful, but back-to-school time is so exciting! I love all things having to do with getting ready for school: new backpacks, sharpened pencils, cool new gym shoes… And this year, I’ll be sending two little ones to big blue doors at the front of the school. My girls are both school-aged now! Gah…. 

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Recycling Bin Chic: Tin Can Luminaries

  Tin cans are some of the most versatile things you chuck away into the recycling bin. I always feel a bit like Captain Planet whenever I take something out of the blue bin and say, “Well… look at this. This can be reused! Upcycling is about to happen, children!” And my kids barely look… 

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Installing Basalt Gurgler Water Feature Tutorial -11-2

Installing a Water Feature: The Gurgler Trio

  The view from my back patio has never been so fantastic. The installation of our three basalt gurgler water features has not only added beauty to a corner that was previously… un-beautiful… but also the sound that comes from the water tumbling down the rock adds to the ambiance of the space. The streams… 

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