Christmas Cornucopias with Sizzix-6

Christmas Cornucopias

Just recently, I got to visit a local museum – one that is set up to appear as a town in the 1920s. As we toured the homestead, I noticed that the Christmas tree was decorated in paper cornucopias – as the docent called them – all over the tree. I immediately loved them. So… 

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Grandma's Ornaments - Santa Land Glass Blown Ornaments-6

My Grandmother’s Ornaments

My mom told me that she and my Grandpa had put aside a couple of boxes of ornaments for me. “Nothing too fancy,” she said. “Just some old ones. I told Grandpa that you wanted anything ‘old’.” These ornaments – a mish-mash of plastic and blown-glass – were happily welcomed into our home. Not simply… 

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Christmas Card with Tiny Prints-6

Why I won’t ever give up Christmas Cards

  If there is one holiday tradition that I am holding onto with white knuckles, it’s Christmas cards.  In a world that is predominantly electronic, and where you can send an email in a nanosecond, I feel like experiencing that thrill of “snail mail” is few and far between. There is something so exciting about… 

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Star on the China Cabinet - Graham and Brown-1

Finding Balance With Industrial Touches

One lovely thing about having a passion for “old stuff” (says Mr. Suburble) is that so much of it works with the current Industrial trend. Signs, marquis lighting, old boxes and metal art all fit under the large umbrella of “Industrial”.  I find that when so many pieces in my space have curves and soft lines… 

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Dyson V6 Absolute-2

A Party to Kick Off The Season With The Dyson V6 Absolute

This past weekend, I threw a little season-starter party.  I’m always happy to host an event, and so when the opportunity to have a vacuum party came up, I gladly took it! A vacuum party? What?  Yes, a vacuum party! I held a little soiree for this beauty: the Dyson V6 Absolute rechargeable vacuum. It… 

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Farmhouse Finds-1

One woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure – and is still Mr. Suburble’s junk

I went to a vintage/antique show this weekend with a gaggle of girls.  While we tried to stay together, the throngs of people quickly broke us all up into small groups. We perused booths, cash burning holes in our wallets, searching through shelves of ornaments, signs, and both authentic and faux antique items. When I… 

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Contemporary White Ceramic Christmas Trees-7

Ceramic Christmas Trees Are Back!

Since the year I moved out of my family home, and I bought my own Christmas decorations, I’ve had a nostalgia for ceramic Christmas trees. A huge fad in the 1980s – along with ceramics classes that lead to many teddy bear lamps in nurseries and swans that would sit upon kitchen counters – the… 

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Butter Chicken Hot Cheese Dip-4

Butter Chicken Hot Cheese Dip

It’s hot appetizer season! While I love me a good chip-and-dip appy, there’s something so satisfying about a hot, cheesy dip plunked onto the table.  Heads turn, noses sniff the air, and suddenly, a multitude of chips appear to start scooping up the cheesy goodness. And when you add a flavour as delicious and rich… 

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How to make a Caramel Macchiato at Home with the Saeco Moltio-9

Make a Caramel Macchiato At Home

Coffee is actually relatively new to my life.  I’ve always been a tea drinker. In my university years, I would sit and crochet with my roommate and we would drink pots upon pots of Earl Grey. My other roommate – who knitted and was teaching herself the guitar (sigh, university years are something else, aren’t they?)… 

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