Curried Chili-4

Curried Chili with Sweet Mango Chutney

Chili is a perfect one-pot meal. I love the beans, the tomatoes, the onions, the heat… Whether it’s a cold day or camping or even just because I had all of the ingredients in the pantry, I love a good pot of chili. I knew that curry paste would make an excellent heat source for… 

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Whirlpool dishwasher-1

The Silent Partner: My Whirlpool White Ice Dishwasher

Whirlpool Canada and I have been working together on my kitchen project. Today the dishwasher gets his turn in the spotlight. It’s about time – dishwashers rarely get their praises sung!  In the last two posts I wrote about my new Whirlpool White Ice kitchen appliances, I used references to the rap/pop/media king and queen, Jay-Z… 

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Antique Stained Glass Jewelry Organizer and Wall Art-11

A New Life For A Stained Glass Window

Part of my bedroom makeover is going to be pretty-ing up the joint.  Using this antique stained glass window – with quite the history behind it – I created a jewelry organizer to add some life to the walls. I’m sharing the tutorial (and how I got my hands on this fancy little fella) on… 

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Honey and Hoisin Vinaigrette-1

Honey and Hoisin Vinaigrette

I have to admit something: I’ve never tried hoisin sauce before. I admitted that to a girlfriend a few months ago, and she was incredulous. “Really!?! Not even for dipping!??!” Nope. Not even for dipping.  It was high time that changed. I was looking for a quick and easy vinaigrette to drizzle over my salad…. 

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Wayfair Upholstered Headboard-1-2

The Master Bedroom: The Beginning of the Grown-up Space

Big thanks to Wayfair for providing us with our gorgeous and grown-up headboard. It’s jumpstarted quite the project!  Since I’ve lived with Mr. Suburble, I’ve never had a master bedroom that I would call “an escape”. I hear words such as “oasis” or “sanctuary” used to describe bedrooms.  My bedrooms have always been “gathering places for crap” or… 

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Crockpot Applesauce -4

Slow Cooker Applesauce

Right now, the girls are obsessed with applesauce.  I put in their lunches. We have it for snacks. And I don’t feel bad about giving it to them. It’s just cooked apples… … and a bit of cinnamon. I have made applesauce before. I hauled big boxes of number 2 apples (meaning, not-so-pretty apples –… 

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Brass Horse Heads - To Paint or Not To Paint?-3

Will I regret this coat of paint?

I found these fancy little fellas during the great “junkapalooza” that I embarked upon last year with my antique-savvy girlfriends. Among Granny and Grumpa’s walls of dolls and Coca-Cola memorabilia was an extensive brass collection.  I have a thing for brass; it calls to me like a siren’s song. I saw collections of cats, and ships, and… 

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Kitchen Nook - Chrome and Crystal Cool Chandelier-1

Shedding Some Light On The Subject: Our Kitchen Nook Chandelier

Huge thanks to Home Depot Canada for working with us during our renovation. As always, all opinions and sarcastic shots at my husband are my own.  Once upon a 1996, this nook was decorated a little differently. The cool greys and white chairs were instead warmer blush tones. The floor was tiled, and the window… 

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Weeknight Taco Recipe with Campbell's Tomato Soup-6

Quick and Easy Tacos

My family is big on tacos. It’s one of the few meals where everyone can find something they like to eat on the table.  I’m trying, guys. I’m REALLY trying to get the kids to eat every meal I put on the table.  I’m also looking for a unicorn. So, I’ll let you know whichever… 

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