The Playhouse Project - Using the paint sprayer t o save time -7

The Playhouse Project Part Deux: Using The HomeRight Paint Sprayer to Save Precious Time

When we last left the Playhouse Project (part deux), we had come up with a way to make the railing happen. Mr. Suburble said, “Lattice!” And I said, “Let’s not.” So we didn’t. We whipped up a porch with these fancy-pants cedar balusters from the aisles of Home Depot. It was fantastic.   But I… 

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The Playhouse Project - The Porch and Painting-12

The Playhouse Project: “Girl, it’s always turquoise”

This photo isn’t the most gorgeous one I’ve posted, I know. Garbage bags make for some seriously ugly window coverings, but they’re very handy when you’re in the midst of a staining spree on your playhouse project. And speaking of stain – do you love the colour like I do? We went with a water-based… 

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How our garden grows…

The girls run out to the strawberry patch every afternoon and pluck ripe berries from under leafy green canopies. I’m a tiny bit sad that the plants I have are not ever-bearing. At the end of this month, they’ll stop producing, and we’ll have to wait another year for the vines to produce fruit. And since… 

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Playhouse Mood Boards

The Playhouse Plan

Oh yes, I did. I made a mood board for the playhouse project. I figure I might as well go big before I go home and slap stain all over that bare little playhouse in the corner of the yard. But before I detail the bits and bobs that I picked out for the girls’… 

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10 Inspiring Playhouses

The playhouse project is underway, guys. I’ve broken out the stain. I’ve sweat through my shirt in this unseasonably warm hot weather. I’ve gone to Home Depot with my children – and let them choose things and put them in the cart. It’s been wild. But because we’re still “in progress”, I wanted to share some… 

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Shadeworks blinds in our living room-1

Saying Goodbye to the Fishbowl

  When we first moved into our house, one of the first things I “renovated” were the window coverings.  The previous owners had chosen heavy draperies for their windows in shades that suited their colour scheme, but not so much ours. They were packed up and put in the donation box, and I didn’t think… 

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Madras Curry Chickpea Burger-2

Curried Chickpea Burgers

  I like meatless burgers. While some carnivorous folk may raise an eyebrow at me, I honestly find them to be tastier than their beefy counterparts. And also – sometimes ground beef gives me the heebie-jeebies. I’ll be halfway through eating a beef burger and my mind will suddenly say, “Nope. You’re not eating this… 

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Unicorn Necklace-3

We could all use a unicorn

I have a bit of a soft spot for unicorns.  Well, who doesn’t, really? They’re horses with a fabulous-and-fancy horn thing smack dab in the middle of their heads. For a couple of months now, a Sizzix Majestic Unicorn cutting die has been sitting in my craft cupboard, waiting for a creative moment. Then something happened…. 

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10 Things I Love About You with BLACKS-3

10 Ways I Love You: Father’s Day Presents

WARNING: If you are Mr. Suburble – STOP. Click away. Go watch a show about finding golden crabs in Alaska or something.  Okay. Thanks. We’ll carry on, now.  Gifts for the guys aren’t always the easiest. And if you don’t want to buy something for the grill or the garage, you’re going to have to… 

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