Rice Wrapper Mini Apple Pies-1

Spring Roll Wrapper Apple Turnovers

I really like baking with apples. I feel like they’re a fruit that doesn’t want to let you down. A bit of brown sugar, some cinnamon, and the apples are pretty much ready to be your dessert. They try I find that so comforting.  I was experimenting with gluten-free desserts when I decided to try… 

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Coconut Milk Ice Cream-4

Coconut Milk Ice Cream

I’ve been on a coconut milk kick lately – maybe it’s the little teasers of summertime weather that makes me long for the coconutty taste.  Either or, the girls and I got to experimenting yesterday, and we whipped up some coconut milk ice cream that was incredibly simple and delicious.  Unless you’re like Mr. Suburble,… 

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Master Bathroom - The Beginning-4

The Master Bath: A Blank Slate

When we moved into our house, the upstairs bathrooms were done. In Tara’s Giant Notebook of Renovations, this meant that I didn’t have to touch them. I could just move my stuff in and start mucking up the place. I liked how everything was updated, and I appreciated the neutral colour schemes. Bathrooms – as most… 

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Vintaj Rose Necklace Tutorial-7-2

Spring flowers: a simple necklace

I’ve been playing around with pigment inks and brass blanks, and the result was this simple, but sweet, necklace. To all of my Sizzix friends, you have GOT to start trying your hand at jewelry making. It’s amazing what you can create! Head to my post on the Sizzix blog for the full tutorial and… 

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Tex Mex Chicken Bake-4

Tex Mex Chicken Bake

It’s been a fun six months sharing recipes from Campbell’s collection of Simple to Make, Easy to Love meals. I’ve definitely appreciated how quick and easy it’s been to put these meals on the table. The last recipe I’m going to share is the Tex Mex Chicken and Rice bake – this one is a… 

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Garden Journa-2


We’ve been down this road before. I stuck little seeds into pots of earth and willed them to grow.  I bought lights. Mr. Suburble built shelves and raised beds. I sprinkled bone meal and tucked leaves through the metal of tomato cages.  The zucchinis grew and the carrots didn’t. The tomatoes got blight because I didn’t… 

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Let’s Make Some Wine!

It’s no secret that I love me a glass of wine.  More specifically – I love a cold glass of Pinot Grigio. In a quiet place. With my children nearby – playing together, using the full breadth of their imaginations. And then a unicorn shows up with a hot cheese dip and a bowl full… 

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Noodle Salad with Wasabi Dressing-2

Chilled Noodle Salad with Ginger Wasabi Dressing – and Win a Year’s Worth of Pasta!

I think that pasta is probably the most widely-agreed upon dinner in our house.  My girls would gladly eat noodles every day, if I let them. Noodles and “stinky cheese”, please. Pasta is my emergency dish. There’s always a sauce tucked away in the freezer. I just grab a box of noodles and we’ll have dinner in… 

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Playhouse Craned Over The House-2-2

The Playhouse Project, Part 2 – Here we go again!

We’re doing it again, folks.  And I couldn’t be more excited.  At our last house, we had a playhouse that was very dear to my heart. It started as a slightly beaten up, older-model – previously loved by a little girl who had grown too old for it.  And after four hours of sanding, painting,… 

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