Gold Clover Necklace-

The Clover Necklace

Okay guys, it’s getting real around here. We’re about a month out from Christmas and I’ve got this Handmade/Upcycled Christmas thing looming over my head inspiring me every second, it’s time to start talking about making presents. Today, it is the necklace. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twenty times on the blog,… 

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Mini Quiches  -

Kids Can Cook: Mini Quiches

Both of the girls have always been interested in things-happening-in-the-kitchen. Whether it’s baking, cooking, making a mess, or clinging to my leg, they’ve never seemed to lose their thirst for kitchen-events. And more recently, Lila has become obsessed – absolutely OBSESSED – with learning how to cook. We PVR “Master Chef Junior” every week for… 

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Buck Head and Wood Slices-1

Wood Slices and a Stag – Christmas Wall Decor

Once upon a trip to Walmart, I found a styrofoam stag head in the Christmas section.  He practically leapt into my cart. I swear.  I left him in the craft room for a while until just this weekend. His destiny was realized the moment I started making wood slices. He’s giving some serious side-eye in this… 

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Snowflake-Etched Candleholders

When I was 12 years old, there was an Intermediate Fun Day at our school. We would sign up for – what my adolescent brain thought was – the coolest activities ever, and essentially spend a whole school day devoted to trying something new.  For example: in the 6th grade, I went on a day… 

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Quick and Easy Napkin Ring-1

Set your Holiday Table with Ribbon

I love to set the table.  There’s something so lovely about a table that is set with little details – even if it’s carefully chosen cutlery (which is what my mother fixates on), or candles (which is what my mother-in-law loves), or the decor (which is MY favourite part). When all of these things fall… 

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Monterey Chicken Fajita Recipe -

Monterey Chicken Fajitas

I’ve written about this before on the blog, but life is hectic when your kid is in school. You’d think it would be the opposite – the kid is gone for hours in the day, thus, you should be getting heaps of things accomplished. I don’t know if it’s because so much of life is… 

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Chalkboard Paper Greeting Cards -

Rustic Christmas Cards

I adore Christmas cards.  Despite the rising cost of postage and the – inevitable – e-Christmas-Card that I just KNOW will end up popping up in my email inbox in a future Christmas season, I am firmly committed to Christmas cards. I love getting something that isn’t junk or a bill in the mail.  I… 

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Wallpapered Powder Room Completed

Repositionable Wall Panels: They’re a thing, and I love them!

Wallpaper is something that daunts many people, not excluding myself. I sigh over pictures in magazines with accent walls. I flip through sample books whenever I might be near one. But it was always the installation and the finicky paste/glue/mess/oh-my-god-am-I-going-to-regret-this? thing that held me back. Wallpaper seemed so…. permanent. I’d seen the design shows. I… 

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Stir Fried Corn with Coconut Chilli Sauce -

Stir Fried Corn with Chilli Coconut Sauce

I will fully admit that when it comes to sides, corn is one of my favourites.  I know it isn’t the super food that broccoli or kale is, but corn is good. Like… comfort-food, eat-out-of-the-can, possibly-lived-off-of-it-in-university good.  So when I stumbled upon Jamie Oliver’s recipe for stir fried corn, I knew that I had to… 

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