Crabbing -

Say what? August is over!?!?

 See that little silhouette out there?  That’s Mr. Suburble – crabbing.  Even though I’m not a big fan of food from the sea, I did feel a bit bad for him when his attempts to be a hunter/gatherer and forage for  his food were unsuccessful.  Am I the only one who cannot believe that the… 

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Lucy Cleaning -

What a difference a drywaller makes

 My girls can proudly say that they spent their summer picking nails for their mother. $.05 a nail. I’d say it’s a pretty good deal.  The house is coming along. It’s actually starting to get to that part where stuff is being put back together, rather than being torn off of the wall and being… 

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The Be Awesome Party 10: Stacey’s Features

Hey gang! How was your weekend?  August is starting to dwindle away. And doesn’t it feel like it JUST started?  This week’s features were chosen by Stacey of This Lil Piglet - she’ll share them after we check out what our gals have been up to this week! The #BeAwesome bloggers: The eight of us, Angie of Echoes… 

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Friends and Paint: The 2nd West Coast Creative Co. Event

We were lucky enough to have the fantastically talented Lindsay Faber capture our event. I encourage you to visit her site to see more of her inspired work.  Some of you may remember the first West Coast Creative event that Crystal and I put on this past May. As we cleaned up the plates and… 

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old computer 3772

A Tour Through Blogland: It’s My Turn!

While I was at the Haven conference last month, I became friends with Krista of The Happy Housie. She was my roomie and my travel buddy.  She is a lovely soul with a great eye for colourful style. And she invited me to participate in a Tour Through Blogland – where bloggers connect to each… 

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Be Awesome Link Party

The Be Awesome Party #8: Shauna’s Features

Hello all, how was the weekend? Did you relax, or were you busy?? We did a bit of both around these parts.  This week’s Be Awesome Party features were chosen by the fabulous Shauna of Satori Design For Living.  Take it away, Shauna: I adore this girl’s room with turquoise painted dresser by The Little… 

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Lunch Bag Tag -

When your mother owns a laminator…

… she’s going to make you name tags at midnight. The girls went to cooking camp last week (and LOVED it!), and it wasn’t the night before camp that I remembered, “They have new lunch bags. They need name tags!!!” Yes, you can just write a name in Sharpie right onto the fabric … but… 

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DRIcore ready to go -

The Basement Project: Installing DRIcore Subfloor

If you missed yesterday’s post, hop over there right now and see the “before” photos of our desolate, unfinished basement. The Suburble family has paired up with DRIcore Products to finish our basement, and finish it well. If you’ve never seen the fabulous blue-bottomed board before, head to DRIcore Products and check it out!   When… 

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Basement Before -

It’s Basement Time: Finishing the basement with DRIcore subfloor

When we were shopping for our house, the idea of having a basement was always floating over our heads. See, in our neighbourhood of choice, basements are not standard. They are a bonus.  To those – especially those out east – who consider a basement just a regular floor in a typical home? You are… 

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