Slow Cooker Spaghetti Sauce-4

Slow Cooker Spaghetti Sauce

Spaghetti is a go-to meal in our family. There’s something for everyone on the table, whether it’s the main, the sides, or the delicious garlicky bread that goes with.  It’s carbs with tomatoes. How can you turn your nose up at it? I got the chance to try out a slow-cooker spaghetti sauce using Campbell’s soups and… 

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Milk Bottle Vases-3

Repurpose/Thrift it: The Milk Bottle

More than a few months ago, I was chatting with my friend, Alex, of Northstory, about milk bottles. I said something very blogger-ish like, “Milk bottles are the new mason jars!” And then she said, “Yeah. I know. I saw that in a Michaels ad.” Oh. You did? Michaels got wind of that ALREADY? I… 

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Okanagan Spirits Recipes-4

Weekend Cocktails: The Kir Royale and the Lazy Lady’s Gin and Juice

It’s the weekend, and also – according to the calendar – it’s Spring! The days are longer, the kids are bike-riding in the street, and we’re starting to feel that spontaneous get-togethers – the “grab your kid and your lawn chair and come park in our driveway” parties – are going to be more than… 

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Rollin' With The Gnomies - Suburble-9

Rollin’ with the Gnomies – Thuglife in the Garden

I won’t lie. I’m pretty proud of this one.  If you are a Clueless fan, or if you knew Coolio “back in the day”, or if you just have a love for garden gnomes (who doesn’t?), then you need this sign in your garden. I’m sharing the tutorial on Crafts Unleashed today. My gnomes need a… 

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Gardening in the Springtime-3

It’s the First Day of Spring! Time to Panic about Gardening…

Today is the first day of Spring. Despite our already warm March, the calendar is telling me that I had better get my ass in gear.  It’s garden-time.  I wrote all about my foray into gardening two years ago. Mr. Suburble build beds. I got fluorescent lights and grew baby seedlings from paper packages. I was… 

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Wallpaper in the Master Bedroom - Suburble-4-2

The Wallpaper is Up!

Our master bedroom just got a little bit fancier. The Graham & Brown wallpaper that I gabbed about nearly a month ago is now on our wall.   This pillow is from Graham & Brown’s new line. It’s called Meadow. Helloooo gorgeous. I’m working on getting some pops of colour in all of this grey;… 

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Easter Cupcake Toppers-6

Easter Cupcake Toppers

Hello all-things-that-are-adorable… it’s nearly your time to shine. I feel like while Christmas gets its gold sequins and tacky jewelry on, Valentine’s day can make a fool of itself, and Hallowe’en is where you get to be your alter-ego… Easter is when things are over-the-top cute.  Because I live with two little girls who live… 

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Filligree Embossed Earrings with Sizzix Vintaj -12

Etched Copper Earring Tutorial

  So, I have some exciting news! I’m one of the newest members of the Sizzix Design team! I’ll be posting on their blog twice a month, but I’ll also have some great projects to share here too.  This machine is a bit addicting – I have to warn you – so get ready for… 

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Chicken and Broccoli Divan -5

Chicken and Broccoli Divan

Just recently, I wrote about how much Mr. Suburble loves the tastes of his youth. Broccoli and cheese is a memory that he holds dear to his tastebuds. He’s mentioned more than once how much he loved when his mom would put cheese on the broccoli she served for dinner. And I’m the mean ol’… 

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