Mason Jars With A Blue Patina

Thank you Modern Masters and Looksi, for helping me to add a bit of antique glam to these mason jars. 

Mason Jars After Patina Activating Solution  - (1 of 1)

 Mason jars are such a popular decor item these days. Not only are they cheap, but they’re super easy to personalize and slip into decor. 

When I was working on my metal bench makeover, I suddenly had a brainstorm. 

If I could age metal… why couldn’t I age glass?  

Mason Jars Before - (1 of 1) 

I collected some mason jars from my stash. Sorry for the terrible picture. I guess all “Before” pictures need to look a bit grotty and out of focus. 

It helps to make the “after” that much more appealing, doesn’t it?  

Modern Masters Copper Paint on Mason Jars - (1 of 1) 

I showed the different steps of paint in my bench makeover, but the mason jars are just as simple.

I applied two coats of Modern Masters Metal Primer, and then one coat of the Metal Effects Copper paint. When I was applying the second coat of paint on top of the now-dry first coat, I broke out the magic solution. 

Modern Masters Patina Solution on Mason Jars - (1 of 1)

‘Scuse the paint everywhere… creativity sometimes lends itself to a bit of mess.

This is the Metal Effects Blue Patina aging solution. It is applied to the still-wet paint. I opted to put the little sprayer on the bottle and apply it that way. The directions say that you can sponge it on as well, but I like the way that the spray adds a bit more of a random look. Plus, I find that the patina gets much darker in the crevices, which is exactly how it would age naturally. 

If mason jars were metal. 

But let’s suspend reality, people. I love the idea of a metal mason jar. 

Modern Masters Patina Solution working on Mason Jars - (1 of 1)

 After about three or four minutes, the patina solution will start to change the copper paint into a nice dark blue colour. I admit, I hovered over these jars, and willed them to change colours. 

I also opted to spray the patina while they were upside down, because I wanted the bottoms to be changed as well. For some reason, I had a feeling that this would look the best.  

Mason Jars With Patina Activating Solution  - (1 of 1) 
And I feel like I was right.

Now dry, the patina solution is a gorgeous bluey-green. I really like that a large portion of the copper is still visible. It adds contrast, and also make the aging of the mason jars look more authentic, I think.

Would you have sprayed the entire jar? Tell me what you think. I have lots of paint left over, and my mason jar collection runneth over!

See more of Modern Masters’ paint achievements on their website and their Pinterest board

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I’ve thrown my hat into the ring for the East Coast Creative’s Creating With The Stars Contest! Let’s see what these mason jars can do! 


    • Tara says

      Thank you so much, Katie! It’s actually a bit of a happy accident. I was working on my bench and I walked past my mason jar stash to get my brushes. I grabbed a few and thought, “Why not?”

      Turns out – I was just as thrilled with the jars as I was with the bench!

    • Tara says

      Jess, you actually get it from Modern Masters – They have this crazy paint (the copper paint) that is reactive. So if you spray the patina solution (or there’s a rust activator solution) on top of the wet paint, it will create fantastic aged looks (but in minutes!).

    • Tara says

      Krista – it’s actually this crazy-awesome reactive paint from Modern Masters.

      This is the Copper metallic paint with the blue patina solution. You’d need the primer and the spray cap too. All in all, it should be less than $30 for all of it (and you’d have HEAPS leftover).

      Let me know if you can’t find it anywhere – there is a retailers button on the site for Canadian locations.

  1. says

    I love this! I had no idea that it was a reaction and not different paint colors. I just bought myself some liquid copper leaf and am totally excited to paint it on everything! I wonder if I could get the same effect on copper leaf. I guess I will have to do more searching. Thanks for the inspiring project!
    Bree recently posted…My Blogging Journey – Year 1My Profile

    • Tara says

      Thank you SO much Kristi! I love it when anything of mine gets a bit of limelight. These jars were such a great project to make. Let me know if you ever tackle them yourself!

  2. Vicky Jordan says

    I’ve wanted a copper mailbox forever but they are around $500. I think this is just the resolution! Thank you!

    • Tara says

      Oh, let me know if you try this out, Vicky! The metallic paints from Modern Masters will definitely give you that effect.

  3. Ashley says

    Do you think if I used a silver metal spray instead of copper that the blue patina will still come out the same?

    • Tara says

      Do you have a reactive paint, Ashley? I used a paint that reacted to the spray that I used. Let me know what you’re working with and I’ll see if I can help.

  4. Bonnie says

    I just couldn’t love these more, they are kind of mesmerizing, I can’t quit looking at them. Thanks so much for the tut!! So pretty and you are so clever:)

  5. Savannah says

    So FYI this doesn’t work if you don’t get the metal effects brand of blue patina, but I played around with what I did get and made some awesome “metal” mason jars, so thanks for the inspiration.

    • Tara says

      Hi Cassandra – in this instance, it’s a good idea in order to get the reactive paint to stick to the glass. I haven’t ever tried it without.


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