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  1. April 3, 2015

    My mum always said “the dust will be there again tomorrow”…she is right…you only learn this as you get older that there will always be housework but time is never on our side, so stop worrying about whether the house is dusty or the clothes were in the washing machine over night and spend more time enjoying life! When I was young I always thought my house should be clean and tidy all of the time, I was a complete neat freak…but then one day I said to myself who am I really doing this my kids care if the house is tidy or looks pretty…and if they do care then they are spending far to much time inside instead of outside exploring! As for the girl at whirlpool saying that the way we do our chores is how we show our love for our family..omg is she for real, I wonder if that is some line that Whirlpool came up with to sell you a washing machine! Sorry if i sound cynical about Whirlpool’s motives,I mean seriously why would you say such a guilt ridden comment! Families will always have issues with socks don’t you know about the big black hole that socks go into never to return!


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