We Tore Our House Apart… Two Weeks Before Christmas!

‘Tis the season to be jolly… and covered in sawdust.

Spare Room Reno - Suburble

Remember how we were trying to sell our house, and I revealed our house’s dirty little secret? 

Well, we’re fixing that.

Less that two weeks before Christmas.  

(See that picture above? That’s my spare room/craft room, but with a level floor! Say wha….!?!??!)

The contractor that we wanted is only available right now – or in March of next year. So we decided to go for it.

“Rip out the floors!” we gleefully said. “Make them not-so-crooked-and-slanted!” 

Spare Room Reno - Playroom - Suburble

Except, this renovation means that there’s not much room for Christmas… as we’ve decided to grab this opportunity by the horns and re-do all of our floors on our main storey. 

Oh, Christmas tree… Oh, Christmas tree…. get your arse into the play-rooooom……

That was a sight. You should ask my girls what it looked like as I heaved this beast through the doorway. Mama’s got pipes!

Bathroom Reno - Suburble.com

 Come on over to our house for some egg nog and cookies. And when you have to go to the bathroom… you can just… hold it. 

We do have another bathroom, but this is our main bath. The bath that our guests use. 

Instead, the toilet is having a bath. And there is a huge hole in the floor. 

I’m a sissy and I’m afraid of our crawl space. So… I’m not loving this gaping hole of darkness in our bathroom.  

Downstairs Reno - Suburble

And so, all we can do is truck along. With a mantel decorated in garland and lights. With furniture piled in the corners of the house.

And with my two little gremlins by my side. Helping. Driving me nuts. Making messes. “Cleaning” their chaos. 

It will be over soon. This will be a blip. That story that we tell on other Christmases… “Remember that year that we ripped up the bathroom and the floors so that we could sell the house?!?”

But until then… expect me to be a bit loopy for the next little while. 

(I’ve also maybe – not definitely, but maybe – have lost a gift in this chaos. So wish me luck on that one!)

Have you ever undertaken a giant renovation over the holidays?

Why are you so crazy? I’d love to hear all about it. 


    • Tara says

      Anne – the fact that you said “holy crow” means that you are a kindred spirit to me.

      Also, yes… I will repeat that in my head: “It will be fabulous when it’s done…”

    • Tara says

      Yep. And hopefully another family will be putting up their tree on the now-level floors! ;)

      And crazy is a good word. Sometimes I wonder what on earth I get myself into!

    • Tara says

      Thankfully, I’m paying someone to be tired for me. I just come home every once in a while, look at the mess, and then leave again.

      I feel like Christmas is going to be extra special because the house will be done and we’ll be having all of the festive goodness of the season.

      We just have to get there….

    • Tara says

      Oh, I hope so. You’re the expert – I’ll get your take on it once everything is all done. Though – as my friend, it’s your job to just say, “Tara, they’re beautiful! Your house will sell in two seconds!”

      So there. I wrote your lines for you!

      But yes, we’re pretty much the same person. But I feel like you have better hair. ;)

    • Tara says

      That’s a very good way of putting it – “inconvenient timing”. We’re trying to make the most of it, although today, I walked into the house with the girls, saw the piles of furniture and the subfloor, and said, “Nope. We’re leaving.”

      And we went to Costco and ate samples and window-shopped.

    • Tara says

      Oh, I don’t know how you did it, Grace!

      But yes, we’re glad that we’re ripping the floor out – it made the most sense. Although our timing is medium-crazy. ;)

    • Tara says

      Awww… thanks, Amy. I was actually kind of bummed that I didn’t get to take proper pictures of my Christmas decorations this year – mostly because half of them didn’t even come out of the box.

      Max still runs around the house at night, though I think he gets a bit confused by all of the mayhem everywhere.

      Things are moving steadily, with a few bumps every now and then. I really shouldn’t complain at all!

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