Moving: No More Denial, Lady

Start Packing - (1 of 1)We are officially getting serious about this move.

I had been telling myself, “It will get done. It always gets done.”

But in that monologue I was carrying in my head, I was convincing myself that someone else would do it. Who? I don’t know. I’m delusional that way. But I would open a cupboard door in my kitchen and stand there, paralyzed. “Will I need this in the next few months? Can I live without waffles? Is it normal to have this many cookie cutters?”

And so I did nothing. It was easier to do nothing.

Maybe I threw the waffle iron into the box with a few serving dishes and then patted myself on the back for rest of the evening. Good job, me. I’m really kicking moving ass.

Start Packing, fast!  - (1 of 1)

 But when your kids start asking when you’re going to dig yourself out of your ditch of denial and start packing already, it’s time to get real.

And get a tape gun. A good one. Not some lightweight hunk-of-garbage from the dollar store. You need a serious tape gun who isn’t going to tangle everything up in a fit of rebellion. You’ll inevitably end up losing your ever-loving mind, all while your children are staring at you as you try to shame an inanimate object into doing a better job.

“Oh, so you don’t want to cut now, do you? What’s your job, tape gun? Just to make twisted little pieces of sticky uselessness!?! Because you’re letting the job down now. You’re not a gun… you’re like… a not-working.. thing… EAYAAAAAUGHGHHHHH!!!! Work! Just WORK! ASFLKSDJFLSSLKSDFJ!”

I should probably curtsey after these performances. They’re epically entertaining for the preschooler set in my household.

Playroom Chaos  - (1 of 1)A great “before” picture, no? 

Speaking of the younger members of our household… they’re very much motivated to pack.

Not with any sort of rhyme or reason, of course. They just want to hurl things into boxes. After they’re done pulling other things OUT of boxes that I’ve packed.

“Mooooommmm….. is this the GARAGE SALE BOX!?!?!? I’m keeping this.”
“Lila, look at ‘dis! Let’s go play with it!”

I know that I should just be grateful that the girls are being so cool about this move. Lucy had one anxious moment where she asked me if her bed was going to come with us. I assured her that it would, and she smiled and skipped off happily.

And I will admit. I bribed them.

Yes, my parenting ebook will be available soon. 

When we move into our new house, the girls have each been promised a goldfish. And they talk about it incessantly. I have no shame about it either. If this make the move go smoothly, then so be it. I’ll buy 10 goldfish if I need to.

But I hope I don’t.

Fragile - (1 of 1)

 We made great progress this weekend, and I’m starting to feel as though packing up an entire house is a feasible task. But can I promise that this is the last hair-pulling tantrum that I will be having?

Nope. Can’t say that it won’t happen again. 

And Mr. Suburble and I still have to move some heavy furniture together.

If I could sell tickets for that, I would. 


  1. Shari says

    I keep wanting to call you for a chat, but I thought I wouldn’t be much help to the packing issue so I have held off. If you guys are getting a new number you will have to email it to me, and we can hopefully chat soon. Or if you feel like you need a break on the weekend, give me a call. Good luck, thinking of you guys!

    • Tara says

      I think they’d sell out pretty quick. One of my favourite scenes is the one where I’m awkwardly carrying something heavy with my husband on the other end, and I’m forced to holler, ‘I’m not PSYCHIC, you know!!”

    • Tara says

      Good for you for being so chill about it all, Danni! Are you planning on blitzing it out in two days of crazy-packing? Or will you take your time?

  2. says

    Been there and done that 3 times since we have been married. Except when you move your kids 3000 miles across the country, the packing and moving is also combined with copious amounts of tears. I find it’s much easier once you get started. It’s the ‘ thinking about it’ before hand that is actually the worst! Good luck with you move! I hope that everything goes relatively smooth for you! Happy Spring! Angie xo
    Angie@Echoes of Laughter recently posted…Show Your Love With A Strudelgram And Win #StrudelgramMy Profile

    • Tara says

      Oh Angie, I cannot imagine having to pack up and move across the country. That would have been so hard. And you’re so right, I psych myself out when it comes to packing/unpacking/organizing. I know that eventually, I will laugh about all of this.

      But not right now. Now I clean and pack and try to put things in their temporary homes. 😛

    • Tara says

      Where will you be moving, Shauna? A new home, or a new town? It’s gone fairly smoothly so far… but it’s not anywhere near over yet. (Or unpacked!)

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